Corporate vehicles

If you give something, or if someone takes something from you, it’s not quite the same thing is it? Our vehicle tracking system enables you to determine how many private routes you want to take into account for an employee and also lets you control how many they would like to put into account for themselves.

We can provide cost optimization to your company by vehicle tracking, no matter what kind of fleet you have (cars, buses, trailers, machinery etc.)

You will always find the most effective solution to satisfy your orders in shortest time, with the help of fleet tracking.
You waste a lot of time making traveling warrants, not to mention abuses and false administration. Generate a digital traveling warrant with the help of the fleet management system, with real data.

Generate a digital travelling warrant with the help of the fleet management system which has real time data; this will help eradicate abuses and false administration.

Reduce your communication costs. No need to make phone calls every half an hour, just take a look at your GPS vehicle tracking system and you can keep track of the whole fleet at the same time.

By using fleet-management you can coordinate the work effectively, you can control the route taken by company vehicles, check the real work-time and moreover you can keep the fuel consumption under control.