The calculated quantity of concrete was not sufficient on the building site and you feel like your employees are making excuses?!

Some jobs just seem to slip over the deadline and you are not sure why?!

The predetermined land cultivation seems to be taking a suspiciously long time?!

Your machinery is often out of fuel and you are left scratching your head?!

There can be many reasons for rising costs and those can sometimes be because your employees aren’t working efficiently, unauthorized usage of vehicles, illegal freights and exaggerated work sheets and so on.

We offer you a system which gives you the possibility to check your employees from your office or even leisurely from you home.
You can find labor, fuel and diesel oil management included in one system and you can even integrate it with your own enterprise management system.

By using fleet-management you can coordinate the work effectively, control the route taken by company vehicles,  check the accurate work-times of employees and also keep the fuel consumption under control.

This system helps companies that own machinery with work-time registration and drivers accounts.

You can send the requested work- log to your customers with only a few clicks and you can inform them about the current status of the workflow.

You can verify whether your machines are working according to your order, reduce your administrative costs by using driver shift control, cut down fuel theft and stop paying unreasonably high invoices and fuel management even helps you to check the fuel consumption.

Type dependent construction, fuel monitoring in Komatsu, JCB and Claas. Test our system in Fendt, Kobelco, Caterpillar or any other type of machine. Control work through your fleet management system!