Our company

The Lochner Group was founded in 1992 and initially we provided security and safety equipment for the service industry as well as for individuals. We then established our dispatcher service which operates 24 hours a day and we also put our patrol cars into service. These services are the foundation of the safeguarding business we are still running and developing today.

Thanks to the growth of the company and the development and implementation of our various products and services we can now offer a holistic service to safeguarding. Today, because of this, our partners are not only individuals, but small and medium enterprises as well established nationwide companies.

As a result of our growth we have expanded our services and established a new division which is a vehicle tracking business. Our state of the art satellite based vehicle tracking system has overstepped the classic safeguarding and tracking systems of the past. We provide expense-optimized logistic solutions. This is a full management system for the benefit of all sizes of companies - from those with a few cars to companies operating a large and varied vehicle fleet. The system includes benefits such as labor -, fuel- and comprehensive fleet management.

In this day and age, we believe it is not enough to base a company's success on dynamically developed technology alone. We feel that focusing on a high level of background-support is also crucial to our customers and we therefore offer help regarding any type of technological problem. Our aim is to always deliver useful solutions to customers and we offer a speedy service to any issues that may arise. Any problems can be dealt with via Internet to our service center or direct to any of our networks available in all of our branch offices, offering our customers the solutions they need within a suitable and speedy timeframe.

Our advisors provide help to all new and existing partners. We constantly develop our knowledge with up to date education and training so that we can provide the best solutions for our customers' individual requirements. We offer our partners a full and complete system demonstration, specific needs assessment and personalized offers for the best industry package available. Our advisors are there to guide you every step of the way from the very beginning and even offer clients the opportunity to take part in our education and training programs where you can learn about all of the developments of the systems including novelties and also any up to date information to keep you current regarding the latest innovations.

We pride ourselves on the flexible structure of our company. We have a dynamic, modern approach to market leadership and yet still maintain a solid and “good old fashioned” relationship with our partners. For us it’s always about the long term relationship and successful cooperation with our partners to ensure that our customers are always receiving the products and services that are relevant, beneficial and up to date.
The fact that we have a qualified MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 certification proves that our company is not only customer focused but precise in what it offers. We are strong in the knowledge that we offer our customers the fastest and most accurate service and that is why we are market leaders in the industry.