Have you ever had a situation where an employee hadn’t delivered a shipment to the right place on time and suffered a complaint or even cancellation as a result?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the same route takes a longer time to drive?

Have you ever felt fed up with the fuel and phone bills?

Well the good news is that you no longer have to think about how you are going to sit next to all of your drivers at the same time while doing the things you need to get done. Our satellite fleet management offers you a simple solution to this type of problem.
Reduce fuel thefts and stop paying disproportionately high bills.
Control refueling with the help of the fuel management system.

Optimize transportation routes to lower travel time and fuel consumption.

Reduce your communication costs. No need to make phone calls every half an hour, just take a look at your GPS vehicle tracking system and you can keep track of the whole fleet at the same time.

It’s well known among freight companies that illegal transportation is a big problem. Fuel theft and illegal freights can cause huge losses to your company. Lack of labor-control and vehicle control systems can also cause higher expenditure for many companies.

The installation of a vehicle tracking system could be an effective solution for you.
Our satellite based vehicle tracking system makes sure that you are able to control your vehicles, employees and fuel consumption all within one system. If that wasn’t reason enough to get one then just imagine you can do all of this in just a few clicks from your office.
Our state of the art system can even generate mileage reports and travelling times from the received data. We also offer driver identification so you always know which employee is operating a specific vehicle at any time. This system also enables you to check on driving times, drivers identification, work-time statements as well as being able to separate private and business trips for any vehicle at any time, no more confusion. An added feature is that all of these statements are available retroactively for several years.

You can also create a detailed work register for your customers as well as informing them about the current position of their freight in just a few clicks. This is especially important for those high value shipments that you really want to keep track of.

Type-dependent construction, fuel monitoring in DAFs, Volvos, and Scanias.Test our system in MAN, Reanult, Iveco or any other type of vehicle! Control work through your fleet management system!